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Dr. Meeta Rathod Vansadia

Ph.D. in Library & Information Science

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Mo. no. 9725039802

Dt : 26th March, 2019


Daily interactions, conversations, communications with the young and aspiring youth – inspires, ignites and rejuvenates me to lead the meaningful life. My profession facilitate me to spend the important hours of my day with these amazing youth of today.

As the academic year come to its end, one batch of students are in the process of leaving the institution. Although, library and/or librarians are not directly involved with the teaching curriculum, but as a supporting hand, there is always been a bonding between the students and the resources of information. Being the catalyst of this bonding, it gives me immense pleasure being there for them.    In every batch, there are handful students, the regular visitors of library, who leaves their foot prints not only in the library but also in my heart which leaves an immense image, that can’t be wiped out – ever.

My experience validates, ‘A patient listening and aptitude of learning is very important at every age in the life.’  Assertive communication and efficient networking, having been my strength, there has always been a two way communication between my students and me. I always feel, “Provide them the space, and allow them to speak”. Trust them and support them in implementing new ideas. They may make mistakes, but one can always learn from the mistakes. For me, these students are the great learning resources. I feel very comfortable with them as they are full of aspirations. My wavelength matches with them as they are the forward looking, big dreamers, and filled with positive approach towards leading the competitive life.

These are the youth of Internet Era. As, Science and Technology have always fascinated me, at times, I feel I should have been born during this high speed Internet era. This genre has easy and varied exposure to the information, which we were deprived of.  They have been facilitated with global platforms at finger tips. I do hope that users of these social media platforms and freedom of expressions; will leave behind, the element of hypocrisy lying in our mindset, and for which we Indians are most infamous about !

The new entrant in the library often receives my recommendation to read “Indomitable Spirit” by Dr. A. P. J.  Abdul kalam. The past president of this country always believed in the potential of the youth. My position on reading habits of this genre is that, it is a myth that they are not reading, to my surprise some of them are avid readers. May be the platform is not the conventional one.

My departing conversation with them always include following statement, “If you want to grow as a compassionate human being, get out of your hibernation, your comfort zone, your secured space. Don’t spend the life as a well-frog, but dare to swim in the tides of ocean, sky should be your limit, the universe is waiting for you.”

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  • Vipul Vyas

    March 29, 2019 at 4:51 am

    Very nicely presented Dr. Mudita Congratulations👍


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